Friday, September 24, 2010

A Family Resemblance

These pictures below are of me when I was between one and two years old.
Look like anyone you know?

Here are some pictures of Ella between one and two years old!

And here is a look at Bernie and Ashley!

I guess no one can question who the parents are of these little girls!


Goodies said...

I kept meaning to comment about that fact after I saw the photo of you and your Grandma--I was blown away at how much Ella looks like you! (And I always thought she looked so much like Bernie!)

Kim said...

Woah! Talk about each of you having a clone! Funny thing is, is that the girls look so much a like as well! Cute pics!

Marnae and Matt said...

That is so crazy how much you and Ella look alike and how Ashley looks alot like Bernie! We really need to set up a day to come down and visit!